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Rules & Regulations

All students of the college shall be bound by the rules and regulations of the college.

  • Be clean and decorous in dress, language and behaviour.
  • Be regular and punctual in attending the college.
  • Students are expected to remain in standing posture in the campus during the time of the prayer song, observing complete silence at the stroke of the bell. They shall keep silence on the campus during working hours.
  • When a teacher or visitor enters your class, you should rise and remain standing until he takes his seat or desires you to resume yours.
  • Do not enter or leave a class in session, without permission.
  • Students who are free during any period should remain in the classroom or reading room and utilize the time profitably
  • Do not disfigure the walls, desks or bunches with writings or engravings of any description whatsoever and do not tamper with or damage fittings, articles of furniture or library books.

Prior permission of the Principal is necessary
(i)   For organizing special meetings, entertainments or social functions.
(ii)  For inviting persons who are not members of the teaching staff of the college for any function in the college.
(iii) For collection and subscription of any kind from the members of the college.
(iv) For distribution or display of literature of any kind.

  • Any student suspended from the college is not allowed to enter the college or its premises during the period of suspension.
  • Do not make complaints or submit petitions in a body.
  • Bursting of crackers inside the campus is strictly prohibited.
  • Outsiders are strictly prohibited to meet the students inside the campus without the permission of the Principal.
  • Any damage done to the college property will have to be compensated.
  • Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the campus and inside the classrooms.
  • Ragging is prohibited by law. Students shall not indulge in such activities.
  • Any question not covered by the above rules will be decided by the Principal.

Attendance and leave of absence

  • Attendance shall be marked at the beginning of each class by the teacher engaging the class. Students should not leave the classroom nor should late-comers enter the classroom without the permission of the concerned teacher.
  • For the purpose of attendance, all working days shall be counted as whole days irrespective of the number of working hours.
  • No student shall absent himself from the class without leave. Absence without leave of part of a section shall be considered as absence for half a day.
  • Application for leave in the prescribed form must be forwarded to the Principal through the teacher – in- charge (Tutor)
  • Students absenting themselves without leave for more than 10 working days will have their names removed from the rolls. They may be readmitted at the discretion of the Principal in which case they will have to pay the readmission fee Rs. 50 and all the college fees due before they are readmitted.
  • The minimum attendance prescribed by the University is 75%. Those who do not earn the required attendance are not qualified to appear for the examination.
  • Duty leave for Physical education/NSS activities will be granted only on the recommendation of the teachers concerned. The duly recommended leave applications should be forwarded to the Principal no later than one week after the event.
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