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College Council


The college council consists of all the department heads including single faculties,one office representative, librarian and two elected members from the faculty. The council meets regularly to discuss and concur the internal affairs of the college.


Lt.Prof:Dr.G.P. Sudheer( Principal)

Smt. Anitha. R (Dept. of Tourism)-Council Secretary

Smt. Reenamol.S (HOD, Biotechnology)

Smt.Surya N.S (HOD, Tourism)

Smt.Renjumol P.T (HOD, Commerce)

Sri. Syam. S (HOD, Computer Science)

Smt. Prathama. V (HOD, Physics)

Dr.SurabhiMuthe. S (HOD, English)

Sri. Arun. K. Saseendran (HOD, Economics)

Dr. Simi. P.Sukumar (HOD, Malayalam)

Dr. Nadia. C. Raj (HOD, Hindi)

Smt. SmithaSadan (HOD, Chemistry)

Sri. Roshan K.V Remesh(Dept.Of Biotechnology)

Sri. Roshila. K. Pavithran (Dept. of Physics)

Sri. YujishGopi (Librarian)

Sri. Baiju K.S (Office Representative)

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