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Academic Council

The college council consists of all the Heads of the Departments or Assistant Professors in-charge of the departments including the Department of Physical Education and two members of the teaching staff elected by the teachers other than the heads of the departments from among themselves. The council shall meet at least once in three months and advice the Principal in the internal affairs of the college.


The Principal

Lt. Dr. G.P. Sudheer

M.P.E.S., MPhil., PGDSM, MSc. (Psy), PGAJ, PhD

Heads of Departments

1. Smt. Reenamol S.
2. Smt. Surya N.S.
3. Smt. Prathama V.
4. Smt. Renjumol. P.T.
5. Mr. Syam S.
6. Smt. Surabhi Muthe S.
7. Mr. Arun K. Saseendran
8. Dr. Simi P. Sukumar
9. Smt. Smitha Sadan
10. Dr. Nadia C. Raj

Staff Representatives

1. Smt. Anitha R.
2. Mr. Roshan K.V. Remesh

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