College magazine

The magazine deals with subjects of literary and academic interest and is usually issued once a year. The management of the Magazine shall be vested in the Magazine committee appointed afresh every year and composed of the following. The Principal (Ex-officio President), A Staff Editor (nominated by the Principal), Staff advisors (nominated by the Principal for Science & Arts sections), the Chief student Editor and three student Editors. The Principal shall be the final authority in all matters pertaining to Magazine.


The college has a unit of the National Service Scheme. It is an organization meant to develop personality of students through community service. Various programmes and camps are conducted every year.
College Union

This is an association of all students of the college, formed every year through elections. It promotes various educational and cultural activities and thereby contributes to the development of the personality of the students based on their talents and aptitudes.
Departmental Associations

Various subject associations are functioning in the college. They conduct seminars, quiz programmes etc related to each faculty.

Students Support service

1)Anti-ragging committee
As per the Kerala prohibition of ragging act, 1998 the punishment for ragging is imprisonment for a term up to two years and a fine upto 10,000 rupees to those convicted of committing, participating in abetting or propagating ragging within or outside any educational institution. It mandates dismissal of any student convicted under it from educational institutions. As per UGC regulations 2009, students can be fined up to 2.5 lakhs if found guilty of ragging.
Anti-ragging committee is highly functional in the college under the guidance of a faculty committee. We also have an anti-ragging squad which maintains vigil to prevent ragging of any kind in the campus.
Nodal Officer
Smt. Roshila. K. Pavithran (Assistant Professor in Physics)
A national call centre has started operation from 20th June, 2009, to enable ragging victims from across the country to dial a toll free number to register complaints


2) Grievance Redressal Cell – Convener- Smt. Prathama. V
This cell is entrusted to take responsibility to ensure the welfare of student community especially women. It also aims to settle their grievances with full justice. Any type of dispute, complaint or act of indiscipline shall be reported first to convener or tutor in charge, then to the HOD concerned. If justice is denied there he/she can approach the Principal. The decision of the Principal is final at the college level.
3) Women’s Cell – Convener – Smt. Renjumol. P.T
The college has introduced a Women’s Cell. The cell endevours to work at eleminating evils that confront young women both in campus and outside. The Women’s cell handles all issues related to women welfare.
4) Career Guidance and Placement Cell – Convener- Mr. Syam S.
The career guidance and placement cell organizes programmes to give knowledge about the various opportunities available in the higher learning sector like MBA, MCA, animation, tourism, aviation, BPO, Hospitality management, direct marketing, research etc.
5) Counselling Cell – Convener – Smt. Surya. N.S
The college has a counseling cell. In the modern age students are always under stress and strain. Well trained experts from outside were arranged to identify the problems of the students and give proper guidance.
6) Tutorial System
To ensure personal care and individual attention we have introduced tutorial system in the college. The students of the college are divided into small groups and each group is placed under the personal care of a teacher. The groups will meet formally at regular intervals. They will meet informally in small numbers as often as possible.
7) Entrepreneurship Development Club- Convener- Smt. Renjumol. P.T
An Entrepreneurship Development Club is functioning in the college to make students aware of the unlimited developmental potential of the state and to inculcate entrepreneurial culture in students.
8) Nature Club- Convener – Smt. Surya. N.S
The Nature Club aims at inculcating an appreciation of nature among young people and motivating concern for conservation of nature.
9) Tourism Club- Convener- Smt. Anitha. R
A tourism club is functioning in our college under the auspices of the District Tourism Promotion Council, Kottayam. The objective of the club is to create public awareness about tourism and allied sectors. It makes efforts to nullify and detect the existing misconceptions and misguided apprehensions regarding the growth of tourism.
10) Science Club – Convener – Smt. Roshila. K. Pavithran
Aims at awakening and nurturing scientific temperament in students, to make them aware of the latest developments in the ever expanding horizons of human intelligence and science.
11) Flim Club – Convener- Sri. Arun. K. Saseendran
Film Club motivates students to analyze socially productive and innovative films which indicate sensibility to maintain values and ethics for a socially committed better life.
12) Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A)
The PTA is functioning well in the college. The president of the PTA is the Principal and Vice-President is a parent. The secretary is a member of the faculty. There is an Executive committee also. The PTA is generally concerned with the welfare of the college and improvement of facilities available to students.
13) Alumini Association – Convener – Smt. Anitha.R
This organization is intended to make the past and present members of the staff and old students of the college to join together in paying their grateful respects to the college and to keep them in touch with the progress of the college. The membership is open to all former students of the college who pay an annual contribution of Rs. 100/-. Those who pay Rs. 200/- will be life members of the Association.
14) Remedial Coaching 
Remedial coaching is given for weak learners. The classes are given on Saturdays and free hours. Improvement in results is the outcome of remedial classes.
15) Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP)- Mr. Syam S.
ASAP is a scheme jointly implemented by the Department of General Education and Higher Education, Government of Kerala. The programme seeks to equip students currently enrolled in the under graduate courses in Arts & Science Colleges with industry/ business relevant skills. The programme will be focusing on additional skill acquisition, through a series of activity based modules including Communication, Information Technology, Skills etc, defined by the industry so as to ensure that the students passing out of the institution have employable skills that are required by the labour market and the industry, nationally and internationally.
16) Students Aid Fund Committee- Convener – Smt. Prathama. V
Student Aid Fund caters to the needy and the less privileged. The most deserving students benefit from this scheme.
17) Ethics Committee – Convener – Smt. Surabhi Muthe. S
An Ethic Committee has been constituted as per the G.O (Rt) No. 346/05/H.Edn dated 01-03-2005 to monitor implementation of the decision banning mobile phones, cinematic dance and fashion show in the campus with the cooperation of the PTA, staff members, college union, NSS and local authorities.
18) Anti-Narcotic Cell –Convener- Sri. Syam S.
An anti-narcotic cell is functioning in our college to prevent selling, transportation and using of Narcotics.
19) Anti-Women Harassment Cell – Convener- Smt. Surya. N.S
To facilitate a gender-sensitive and congenial working environment in the college so that the female staff and students are not subjected to gender specific discrimination or sexual harassment. Each such incident (of harassment) infringes the fundamental right of a woman to gender equality under article 14 of the constitution of India and her right to life and live with dignity under Article 21 of the constitution. Section 509, IPC deals with “Word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman” and permits appropriate action against the offender.